Linda LaFlamme

Entrepreneur | Consultant | Author | Speaker


Linda LaFlamme is a global entrepreneur, consultant, author, and speaker.

Highlights of Linda’s professional achievements have included founding an automotive consulting company that delivered revolutionary and progressive changes in the industry, a wellness and fitness consulting company, and a travel company to sacred sites and adventure destinations. She is also the founder of a global wellness association establishing professional industry standards, a community learning atmosphere, and progressive objectives for wellness professionals in over 50 countries.

Linda, whose last name does indeed mean “the fire” or “the flame”, brings an energy and passion to her inspired work. Linda achieves her professional mission through loving stewardship of her expressions be they organizations, working with amazing clients, or creative multi-media works.

Linda travels extensively with her work and loves connecting with fascinating people and other thought leaders from diverse cultures around the globe. Linda looks forward to meeting with you as our journeys bring us together somewhere in our travels or here at her website home.